The MacLaurin Computing Library

The MacLaurin Computing Library provides a support for performing arithmetic operations on mathematical functions of any kind at a low level of implementation, ensuring speed and efficiency. The functions are internally represented by their MacLaurin series expansion after the precision of the series (the highest degree taken into account) has been fixed; coefficients in the expansion have to be rationals for convenience purposes. f(x)=a_0 + a_1 x + a_2 x^2 + a_3 x^3 + ... + a_{k-1} x^{k-1} + a_k x^k + O(x^{k+1}) The computation gives exact results; thus no loss of information will occur even after thousands of operations (and performing inverse operations will lead back to the exact initial values). Fore more technical informations, please consult the manual of the software.

In most cases the computation should be quicker than what a Computer Algebra System can do; of course such a system may be more efficient when an easy simplification may be found in the symbolic expression of the result, but for large computations using the MacLaurin Computing Library is probably a good choice.

The library uses the GNU MP Bignum library. It is itself distributed under the terms of the MIT License. For contacting the author, go to Thomas Baruchel's Home Page.

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